Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Had a weird dream the other night...

I was drowning in my bathtub. It was one of those old urban legend stories you heard around the beer tub in university. I'd somehow passed-out and my hair had clogged the drain and the water was over my head.

But fear not! I turned off the faucet and then splashed and pushed the water out until I could breathe and then I reached back and held my hair and pulled it out of the drain. It tore and ripped, but didn't pull off my scalp and I didn't drown.

Here's the weird part. It was me doing this, but I felt nothing. I was watching from above like I was standing beside the tub looking down. The me in the tub couldn't see me but I was there. I felt no fear, no terror - nothing! It was like I was watching it happen on TV or something.

It's the weirdest thing! Am I *that* separated from my own feelings? Is the notion of feeling anything so foreign to me that it's nothing more than academic to me now?

I actually find it kind of disturbing.

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