Friday, March 06, 2009


So it's Friday night. Did I spend the evening on a hot date? Did I go and see the Watchmen movie? Go out to dinner? Lounge around home writing or eating bonbons?


I spent the evening (until 9:20) in my office trying to find the information needed for my library's annual audit. Why so hard to find? Because the previous director was grumble... mumble... curse!

All kinds of things are missing which should be clearly and meticulously organised and filed in a way that is easy to use and find.

I'm probably going to run into this woman at the provincial library conference as she still works in this province. How am I going to stop myself from throttling her? I've been here a little over three months and this is FAR from the first time I've had to deal with recreating things she WELL knew she had to do - because she didn't!!


But, then I came home and though I would normally switch channels instantly seeing "The View" come on - they caught me when they said Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Nathan Fillion was on. JDM just made my list of sexiest men ever. Nathan is no slouch either. But DAMN!! Jeffrey Dean Morgan's voice!! *swoon* Ahhh, thank you JDM, I no longer feel the need to burn my predecessor in effigy and scream until I lose my voice.

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