Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Did something stupid

Looked at a picture of myself about a month before I got bronchitis... healthy and more fit than I'd been in a while.

Then just for morbid curiosity's sake, I brought up a picture of myself from a couple of months after I had to take steroids to deal with the lung complications that came after the bronchitis. Bad idea.

Very BAD Idea.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lazy weekend...

Mostly. I did disassemble the stove to clean under the stovetop *YUCK* and I'm doing laundry right now. Other than that I've mostly been sitting around eating junk food and reading crap online.


Oh, well.

Plus, it snowed all day and last night. Hello! Mother Nature, it's SPRING! Make with the warm weather and flowers already! Not SNOW! There's been quite enough of that already thank you.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung!

It was 8C here today!! I can see a few spots where the snow has melted enough that I can see tufts of grass even! I busted out my spring jacket, and really it was a little chilly still for that, but I felt happy to be out in something other than down. The only problem really was that when I switched coats this morning, I forgot that my wallet was in the winter coat's pocket and didn't remember until *after* I'd had my sub made at Subway... Oh well, at least I don't live too far so I was able to zip home and get it and still get my lunch!

Interesting day at work... due to staff shortages (vacation and sickness), I spent most of the day working on the front desk! It's been a while =D I had to just let go of the fact that I have about a zillion things I need to be doing other than this, but still, *this* (the patrons signing out books and asking questions) this is what I do the rest for so it's all good.

Tired though! Man do I suck! Just one day spent on the front desk and running around and I'm beat! Am I that old? Or is it still the move induced flare still wearing me out... Hmm, either way, I'm glad it's Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow!

Secret of the day...

I miss Friday Harbor more than I thought I would. Not work so much (mostly because as awesome as a couple of people were - and the kids, a couple of other people were crappy enough to make it miserable for me.

But the fun and friends and beautiful scenery... those I definitely do miss.

And this has nothing to do with how I feel here. I love it here. I still feel weirdly foreign sometimes, but comfortable too and sometimes more natural than I have in 7.5 years... I'm not sure there's anyplace in the world where I'd fit in completely, and I'm not sure there's anything wrong with that.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The heart of a writer - broken?

Few things stop the heart of a writer quicker I think than finding a book that seems to be exactly what you're currently writing...

I was ordering books for my library yesterday when I came across a book that at first glance struck me as "Crap! That's the book I'm writing!!" My heart stops, my soul is crushed... Still, I put a copy on hold for me to read and then went on with the day of work.

Too busy last night but tonight I looked up the book and read a little more about it and I don't think it's the same. It does explore some of the same themes. So my heart restarted anyway!

I'll read it when it comes and see.

The place of a story?

I'm trying to decide if I should now set my novel in Canada.

Admittedly, prior to now I've been a bit of a coward about actually setting it in a specific town - either part (there's where now is happening in the book, then there's flashbacks to somewhere else).

Part of this is that if I set it someplace specific and real, I'd have to know that place well - and I don't really know anywhere all that well. In the States, I've lived in Ann Arbor, MI for a little over 3 years, 10-13 years ago, Fairfield, OH (Just outside of Cincinnati) for a little over 4 years, 3-8 years ago and Friday Harbor, WA (an island in Northern Puget Sound) for 3.5 years (until last fall). None I really knew well enough to set a whole life in, and none really very interesting to set a life in.

If I set it in Canada (seeing as how I've moved back here) - where? Where I grew up? I haven't lived there or spent any real time there in over 13 years. Where I live now? I've only been here 4 months. I only know this town in the winter for a start!

Of course, I could set it anywhere and just do the research, but everything I've read says if I'm going to set a story someplace real and specific, I have to know that place personally.

Setting it in Canada might give more publishing opportunities here in Canada, but I think would hinder it being published elsewhere. Setting it someplace I've never been I think would make in insincere. Setting it in the States, might limit opportunities here in Canada. And setting it either no where in particular, or someplace invented and maybe even vague about the country I fear is a cop-out and pretty lame.

Decisions. The location isn't critical to the plot, but it would be a part of the story a little.

What to do, what to do...?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How my other cat helps me write

That's the Sleeman's box I use as a foot rest so I can have my chair high enough to have the right angle to type. And yes, that's popcorn on the floor. Don't ask.

Friday, March 06, 2009


So it's Friday night. Did I spend the evening on a hot date? Did I go and see the Watchmen movie? Go out to dinner? Lounge around home writing or eating bonbons?


I spent the evening (until 9:20) in my office trying to find the information needed for my library's annual audit. Why so hard to find? Because the previous director was grumble... mumble... curse!

All kinds of things are missing which should be clearly and meticulously organised and filed in a way that is easy to use and find.

I'm probably going to run into this woman at the provincial library conference as she still works in this province. How am I going to stop myself from throttling her? I've been here a little over three months and this is FAR from the first time I've had to deal with recreating things she WELL knew she had to do - because she didn't!!


But, then I came home and though I would normally switch channels instantly seeing "The View" come on - they caught me when they said Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Nathan Fillion was on. JDM just made my list of sexiest men ever. Nathan is no slouch either. But DAMN!! Jeffrey Dean Morgan's voice!! *swoon* Ahhh, thank you JDM, I no longer feel the need to burn my predecessor in effigy and scream until I lose my voice.