Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where I've lived...

Ontario: Until I was 24 and again at 28

Michigan: Mid twenties

Ohio: Early 30s (the first place I have digital pics for): The view from my balcony after a storm.

Washington (State): Where I lived first in a 340 square foot cabin in the woods for over a year, and then an odd old house with many harbour rats invading the garage all winter
And finally a weirdly laid-out row house.

Alberta: where I took pity on someone and accepted a short term rental of an odd run-down place (though it was in a nice location - nice view): Nice Views OUTside...

Not so much INside
Teh Kitchen rug...

Teh Tub edge...

Teh Bedroom rug... You get the idea.
Then I moved in to my latest place, which so far is pretty nice (much nicer and better smelling without the mouse dander than the last place!)

It's pretty nice OUTside AND In

Here's hoping these landlords are honest!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon

So sad. I remember her in Charlie's angels (loved that show!) and Michael... well I didn't really know him from the Jackson 5, but Thriller and Billy Jean were awesome parts of my teenage years.

Both of these two celebrities were pretty messed up in life. Michael more than Farrah I think, but still, I hope they both find the peace and clarity they never found in life.

And Ed... well, him and Johnny are still the benchmark aren't they? But you had a full life. I hope you went without regret.

RIP all. Its been a tough week all around. Toughest on your families.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Disappointing day.

Will someone please tell me where the tattoo is on my person that is apparently visible to all but me that says "SUCKER!"

In the last year I've been scammed, lied to, cheated and conned by so many - I'm not talking about falling for one of those emails asking for my bank info, or offering me a share of £40,000,000 if only I'll accept a bank transfer and say I'm someone's long lost niece or something. No, these are supposedly reputable businesses and friendly upstanding community members.

The moving company whose local agency told me that no drivers were willing to sign up to take the ferry to come to my completely accessible house to pick up my goods for moving while telling the drivers that their trucks weren't allowed to go on the ferry to my completely accessible house - all so they could charge me >$400 for a pickup in their truck instead of the big company's mandated $50 ferry charge. And to add to it they charged both! And big surprise when I complained that the big company replied that they asked the local company and they said the charge was correct so to bad for me.

The phone company charging me a $18 "data processing fee" on top of $17 "activation fee" for the onerous task of flipping a switch to turn on my phone service and then explaining the "data processing fee" when I asked as "it's for data processing!"

The cable company, giving me much slower internet and dodgy cable reception and charging apparently $5 more per month for the privilege and then keeping me on the phone for half an hour saying how much they appreciate my business and the next available operator will be happy to serve me... after making me jump through 67 hoops saying or punching buttons to get to the right queue (which we all know is the same queue and the steps are just a time waster - I know, I had an agent who must have been on his last day or something actually confirm this once). I hung up eventually without ever speaking with a person.

The former landlord who is claiming now that he had to tear up the carpet (the 40+ year old nasty manky carpet and accusing me of trying to cover up a "horrendous" stench with a plug-in deoderiser I accidentally left there. The irony? I put in the plug-in oil-scent thing to cover the musty mouse and dog smell that bothered me as soon as I moved in. As a favour I even steam-cleaned part of the manky old carpets. I left that place cleaner and in better shape than when I moved in. And my payment for this? Blanket accusations without cause in a churlish email. I'm surprised, though I shouldn't be I guess.

Then some other emails from others that were condescending at best (another hot-button annoyance of mine) and then other emails and calls from people who just disappointed me.

Rough day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It will be. I'll find a way to make it so.

Monday, June 01, 2009

*is panicking*

Somehow, of the about ten people who offered to help me move... all have since had to back out for work, or scheduling issues. (well, one hasn't cancelled but I haven't confirmed, and one chick and me can't move the furniture)

I didn't arrange to hire a commercial mover because so many people offered to help and now I fear it's too late.

PANIC!!! I have to move beginning less than a week from now...