Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Mr. Holder

You anger me.

You are *NOT* an "average" American.

Neither am I.

I am not a coward.

Out of the two of us, one is NOT living in the past.

It's not you.

We are of different generations - and I am of a different generation than those of all races who deified Obama through the election process.

My generation is sick of hearing about it.

The next generation doesn't get what you're talking about - the civil rights movement is as much history to them as World War II.

There is still racism.

No one race is singularly guilty of being racist.

It's not ok for anyone to be racist even if white folks "don't understand black anger".

Just because I didn't vote for a certain candidate during the primaries doesn't mean I'm racist against him. Maybe, just maybe it was because I didn't think he had the experience needed yet. Maybe I wanted to vote for him in 8 years once he had even a little bit of international experience.

And CNN? It also doesn't mean that I'm "subconsciously racist" either.

It offends me when it's ok for the official blessing during the inauguration prayed for "black to get back, red man to get ahead man, yellow to be mellow" all positive wishes I guess if not vaguely racist, while the prayer for "white" was to "do what's right" which is confrontational and accusing.

It offends me when you call me a coward because I disagree with you that everyone needs to talk incessantly about Race.

Grow up and snap out of it and smell the fact that it's been more than FORTY YEARS since the civil rights movement. It worked. You have a couple of generations since who have grown up learning and internalising the lesson that race doesn't matter. We're not living in a utopia yet - but we're in a different world than the one you grew up in. Stop blaming me for things that happened before I was born.

Maybe it won't be completely a non issue until your generation dies off or is safely ensconced in senior homes where the rest of us don't have to hear from you any more.

Calling me a coward because I don't see the need to constantly harp on the past is not productive.

Please shut up.


An angry Citizen.

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