Sunday, November 01, 2009

Click, clack, write

Tippitey typety! It's NANOWRIMO time!

I'm going to become deliberately "OCD" with the hand washing and take my vitamins and drink lots of water so I don't get sick. I need to have energy to spend all my free time writing and work certainly isn't going to let up this month! One new hire, budget presentation, my one year anniversary (and review), displays, programs......

Plus, I've already fended off friends and work folks with 2 cases of stomach flu, 2 colds, 2 "seasonal" flus and 1 doctor diagnosed, but not lab confirmed case of H1N1.

Can't get sick! Too much to do! When it comes to even the possibility of getting sick this month - no this year! I will quote the great Mythbuster Adam: "I reject your reality and substitute my own." I declare myself to be immune. "And I am unanimous in that!" (to also quote Mrs. Slocombe)

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