Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reading old journal entries

It's a weird thing to go back five years. I'm amazed and appalled how little and how much has changed.

I found my daily journal from 2005. I've been keeping a journal off an on for many years, many of the old ones have been lost or destroyed, but the more recent (and more full and detailed ones) I still have.

Reading 2005's journal I recalled my hopes and fears for my then present and future. The men I was interested in, the men who were interested in me - and in between those I actually dated. Weight I'd gained and lost. Struggles at work. Struggles with self-image. Hopes for two jobs I applied to that year and the one I accepted. The big change in my life of moving cross-country. Family...

Ups and downs. Some of it I still write in my journal about. Some of it I've gained new perspectives in the last five years. Some of it I haven't. I've got new struggles I hadn't even dreamed of then, I've left some of the struggles behind, and I'm still wrestling with some of the same things.

I'm not sure it's entirely good for you to read your own old journals. Interesting and thought provoking maybe, but challenging too.

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