Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Had a pretty good day. Got lots done. Feeling calm and happy and pleased with myself that I'm not letting petty little things get to me. *ohm*I am at peace with the universe*ohm*

Then home and cable, which went out last night (or at least most channels went away completely, and most of those that remained were appearing somewhat like it looks when you try to stream video online on dial-up speed) is *Still* out. Grrr. Then jumping through 27 machine-generated hoops just to *not get to talk to an operator who was too busy helping other customers. 15 minutes later I was granted the opportunity to leave my phone number and a message to call me when an operator is available - this involved another 5 minutes of jumping through various machine hoops. Then about half an hour later someone called - proving that there's no point in leaving a message when it asked for one earlier, he had no idea why I called...

So, another house call - and where I live all they'll say is it could be any time between 8am and 5pm. At least I can say - call me 20 minutes before arrival and I'll come home.

GRRRRR. Shaw cable has got to be the lousiest cable service I've ever had! It's slow - it takes a noticable amount of time to change from one channel to the next - it's frequently got random channels not working, and it's down altogether way more often than is reasonable.

And irony of ironies? The price has gone up twice in the last 3 months. And yesterday when I got the notice of this latest increase, I considered whether I really want to keep cable TV (I still need my internet) considering how crappy the service is and how much I actually watch the dumb TV.

I honestly think that if Numb3rs, NCIS and Supernatural were available on itunes here (and btw wtf?! why aren't they?!) I would drop cable completely. What else do I watch? The odd movie, Mythbusters and Ghosthunters. I can live without these things.

Anyway, now I have to clean up so I'm not too mortified when the cable guy comes in tomorrow. Plus I need to chill. This crap is stressing me out and harshing my calm. I did the blood pressure thingy while I was out scouring this town to find a store that carries diet coke - anyway, my blood pressure was actually the highest I've ever seen it!

I'm usually just this side of too low (so low end of normal), but this time I was actually 152/97! (should be below 120/80) - I know not the highest ever, but for me! And it wasn't the machine either because I took several deep breaths and made a conscious effort to relax and then redid it and it went down a little (though still 144/93)

Ugh. Time to clean up and listen to calming music.

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