Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Bite me dorkicus!

From the Service Alberta linked site: www.landlordandtenant.org on tenant rights in Alberta. The section on return of security deposit:

5. Time Limits
If there is no damage, no rent owing, the premises are left reasonably clean, and all of the keys are returned, then the landlord must return the full security deposit, including interest, to the tenant within ten days from the day the tenant moves out of the premises. If the tenant has damaged the premises and the landlord has made a deduction from the security deposit, then the remaining money of the deposit and a statement of account showing the amount of the deposit money used by the landlord for repairs is to be given to the tenant within the ten day period. The landlord cannot make a deduction for normal wear and tear.

Sometimes it may be impossible for the landlord to determine the exact amount of the damages within the ten day period. In such cases, the landlord is required to give the tenant an estimated statement of account and return the remaining money, if any, to the tenant within the ten day period. A final statement and the remaining money, if any, must be given to the tenant within thirty days of the date the tenant moved out of the premises.

It's been over TWO MONTHS.

I've tried to be polite. I've tried to be accommodating. I've tried to be kind.

I am done now. Tired of being strung along. You chose to reject my final cheques for utilities and final half-month rent and deduct it from the security deposit I'd given you. I suspected that was because you didn't set it aside as you're required to by law, but again with my foolishly feeling sorry for you and wanting to be accommodating I let it go. The remainder you were trying to apply to damage you accused me of - though none of my moving helpers noticed this damage when they helped me move out. But after two and a half months - no more. I'm prepared to seek legal council.

I'm a doormat no more. Pity and accommodation and kindness only take you so far. You wore out your chances. And assumed wrongly that this librarian didn't know how to look up her rights - and that she also wouldn't stand up for them.


Tara said...

That sounds frustrating. I hope you get it resolved.

Shannan said...

Thanks! I've often trusted on "word of mouth" to find new places to live. This is the first time I've been this disappointed. My new place - which I also found through word of mouth has been *much* more satisfying!