Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where I've lived...

Ontario: Until I was 24 and again at 28

Michigan: Mid twenties

Ohio: Early 30s (the first place I have digital pics for): The view from my balcony after a storm.

Washington (State): Where I lived first in a 340 square foot cabin in the woods for over a year, and then an odd old house with many harbour rats invading the garage all winter
And finally a weirdly laid-out row house.

Alberta: where I took pity on someone and accepted a short term rental of an odd run-down place (though it was in a nice location - nice view): Nice Views OUTside...

Not so much INside
Teh Kitchen rug...

Teh Tub edge...

Teh Bedroom rug... You get the idea.
Then I moved in to my latest place, which so far is pretty nice (much nicer and better smelling without the mouse dander than the last place!)

It's pretty nice OUTside AND In

Here's hoping these landlords are honest!

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