Wednesday, July 29, 2009

...or get off the pot

I've got to stop reading agent and editor blogs and just finish the damn novel already!

Also, I'm reading two math books at the moment - "A mathematical mystery tour" - about a mathematician who travels all over talking with super smark math types about the history of math and the sort of philosophical question of whether or not math is discovered or created. It's kind of interesting so far - some thinky-thoughts. The other is "Zero: the biography of a dangerous idea" - which is about "zero" and how much math was actually done without it, and how much more is possible with it. It's giving me some boggles, but it's interesting to think that the concept of "zero" is not as old as you might think!

I do need to get with it and get writing again, but reading I think is still ok - and not to be counted as wasting time I should be spending writing.

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