Friday, July 25, 2008


The most intriguing, interesting, brilliant frustrating, infuriating species.

I had a library full of teens today. On computers, working as interns... Ahhh. What makes my life interesting.

Also, our friends booksale started today (for members only tonight and for all tomorrow). I went over just before they opened only to chat and lend support, but then I had to look around... I don't need any more books!!! I need to give the friends a bunch of books I already have so they can sell them!

Ah well, how can I be expected to resist an old leather bound copy of Oscar Wilde or a set of "International collection of music" (it's all music!! From all over!!)

AND... My new computer arrived today!! I'm typing on it now. It's huge! 24" screen is massive. this is awesome, but its going to take a little getting used to.

I found the greatest idea that several other libraries have done - I'd love to try it "Gocks" - their "goth" sock puppets!! I'm not sure how it'd fly in my (very) small library. At any rate it seems like a lot of fun! I don't have the link on me at the moment but I recorded it at work. Cool!

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