Tuesday, September 05, 2006

One of the things about TGAW that I've always enjoyed is his total willingness and ability to say exactly what's on his mind. Boy pulls no punches. Don't get me wrong - he's not mean or rude exactly - just 'frank' and 'unfiltered' sometimes.

I suppose it should piss me off when this is turned on me. But strangely it doesn't. I laughed when he commented on the new person's willingness to work Sundays: "Of course she is, she knows it's a sweet deal!" (We're only open half the day and the FT person who does this shift does it as a full day - there's time before opening of course...).

So, I find myself laughing after a recent conversation with him. I was working on YALSA stuff - committee and board stuff and made a joke about them seeming to know that school was back in and summer reading over so they were sending all the work at once. I'll give him he phrased it very delicately - it was cute really how carefully he tried to say it - so much so that I ended up finishing the comment for him when he said that he wondered how much stuff like this was work for our library vs how much was going to look good on my resume.

I confess - I laughed right then when he said it. I didn't feel the need to defend myself to him or anything - only giving him an abbreviated version of the 'party line' of how this kind of thing benefits the library as well. I also smiled and said that yes, in fact it *did* look good on paper. I know I should be annoyed - that he thinks this, that he said this... but I don't know, it's just so funny - and I just don't feel like being pissy about this - plenty of other things to be pissy about ;)

I'm in a funny sort of mood today. I'm off work for the holiday (I get Tuesday off for Labour day because of the way my schedule works) and I really should be doing almost anything but goofing off online (like packing, cleaning, writing, going to the gym...) but heh I don't feel like it just now.

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