Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm moving!

Yay! Next week, the week after... sometime this month - into a 2+ bedroom house just up the hill from work so I can walk in and even home for lunch. It's more than I've been spending - by like $350/mo, but it's 1100sqfoot instead of 337sqfoot - quite a difference. Plus a spare room, a full kitchen, a tub (not just a teeny shower stall) and a "den" sort of room that I can use to set up my desk (which lays disassembled in storage at the moment) in a seperate room for my computer and books which I hope will help me with focussing more on writing which is something I really want to get serious about. Plus, the lady I'm renting from is someone I know - my old boss actually and she's leaving a king-size bed for the spare room.

Life is good in the galaxy of me

(sorry about that ending - I'm watching the science channel - a show about galaxies colliding and super black holes and what the universe will look like a google years from now according to quantum theory. Quite interesting actually - what can I say I am *such* a geek)

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