Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hello from... well, here.

Thinking of starting back up writing here.

I'm thinking about that scene in the movie "The Mummy" when Evelyn says that she's proud of what she is and when asked exactly what that is she declares "I am a librarian".

So am I Evelyn. So am I. I'm a librarian and I'm proud of that fact.

 I was a kid who had no expectation of being able to go to university at all. On either side of my family, I, and one cousin were the first to ever go to university. Later I also went to grad school and became a librarian.

None of it was easy. University and grad school were hard in and of themselves, but on top of that, there were the challenges of having no frame of reference and so having no idea what I was doing; having fibromyalgia, so being in pain and tired every single day of my life; having a sleep disorder that wasn't diagnosed until ~5 years after finishing my master's and so never having a restful night's sleep; and working ~20 hours per week on top of school full time where for grad school I was also commuting a little over an hour every day.

So, it was unlikely to happen at all, but working really hard, it did happen. And hate me if you must, world, but I'm a little bit proud of what I've accomplished.

Maybe I'll start talking here about the profession I'm proud of even if no one is reading. Peace and read a good book.

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