Sunday, April 05, 2009

Great films

I find that the best movies I've ever seen are ones that not a lot of other people see. They're not the blockbuster "tentpole" mega-million dollar budget films typically for me. Oh, I've seen some bluckbusters that are good. But the ones that have stuck with me the most tend to be small productions.

Probably my favourite modern movie is one called The Namesake which hardly anyone has heard of and won no major awards. But it's one that I thought was quite possibly the best example of storytelling and cinema I have ever seen.

I saw a really good small-time movie last week thanks to the Sylvan Lake Film Society. It wasn't as amazing as The Namesake, but it was its own kind of awesome. It was funny and inspiring and I loved it! The Stone of Destiny is a movie about, well, the "Stone of Destiny" of Scottish history and legend. And when everyone woke up on Boxing day hooting and honking horns... Well, I got a little verklempt!

Other favourites: Casablanca, Wizard of Oz and Star Wars (the original and its two sequels only) - which just goes to show that I do like some very well known films as well.

Other other favourites: Shaun of the Dead, Serenity, Escanaba in da moonlight, Sweeny Todd, The Birdcage, Calendar Girls, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Lord of the Rings trilogy: Fellowship, Two Towers and Return of the King and The Outsiders - all of which shows that my favs aren't all "high-brow" and that I do like some silly stuff. Some of these were big, some very small, some serious, some funny..


Stephanie Pitman said...

Just checking you blog out. I 'm a fellow SCBWI member. It caught my attention you live in AB. I was born in Cardston, AB. It seems I enjoy a lot of the same movies you do. If you like Shaun of the Dead, maybe watch Hot Fuzz. It's hilarious. Although if you are not one for cursing, you may not want to watch it. I just try to tune out the swear words, but some of them are hilarious and different from US swear words. (I moved to the states when I was ten, but still visit Canada as often as I can, which isn't much) My SCBWI member name is love2run and my name is Stephanie. I enjoyed your blog. Happy writing. If your interested you can check my blog at

Shannan said...

Hi Stephanie,

I've got to check this blog more often! are you new to scbwi? I actually have Hot Fuzz on dvd but haven't managed to watch it yet if you can imagine!

I just saw Star Trek this weekend and have to say that Simon Pegg was my favourite!