Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So I've heard that it's been a while since I last posted - and what do you know, it has been! (a while since I posted that is)

**BTW, the picture in this post was taken by the very "unique" man known as the "*" formerly known as Jeff (aka my dad.)**

So for my ones of reader here's a story about why I love my small town:

A couple of days ago I was over at the high school dropping off some paperwork for the librarian, on my way back to where I'd parked my car I walked past the middle school - in front of the school were several 6-7th grade boys standing on the curb. As I approached, I could see that each time a car drove past the boys would cheer loudly, pointing excitedly to the road and laughing.

Were they throwing eggs/rocks/paint/whatever at the cars? Were there any other evil activities of wanton juvenile delinquency going on?

No! There are a couple of apple trees on the school's front lawn and a couple of apples had made their way onto the street. The boys were cheering the pulp the cars were making of the apples.

Even still, by the time I had walked through the group, hiding my smile, a teacher had come out of the front door and called the boys inside.

Quite a change from where I lived before I moved here, where I saw a group of boys cheering over the results of one boy's foot connecting "accidentally in a swinging motion" with a duckling in a wading pond.

I like this scenario better :D

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YKW said...

AH, the sweet life of an islander!

Wish I were there!